Beauty tips for hair

A woman drying her long beautiful hair

Home Formula for damaged hair

One recipe for dry and damaged hair recommends mixing  1 tablespoon of organic honey with 3 tablespoons of extra virgin olive oil. Microwave it until it’s very warm. then work the mixture into your hair thoroughly (the hair should be dry, not damp) Put on a shower cap for 30 minutes, and then remove and rinse your hair. What a difference!

Baby powder as a fast hair fix?

If you don’t have time to style your hair before going out, one trick is to use  baby powder.  Rub it into the roots and then comb hair as usual. It not only absorbs excess oil, but also adds texture to your hair

Low cost vs. high cost shampoos

Don’t pay more than $6.00 for your shampoo, ever. A few years ago, CBS did an extensive study of low cost vs. high cost shampoos. They used live models and interviewed experts, and determined there is no significant difference between the two. Salons love to sell overpriced hyped up shampoos, but you’re just rinsing your money down the sink.

Natural bristle brush is the best

 If you brush your hair a lot, invest in a quality natural brisle brush, like Boars hair, as-it helps keep your hair shiny and smooth by distributing oils evenly during the brushing. Synthetic bristles are not as effective.

Use the dryer or let it air dry?

Heat can be very damaging to hair, so when using a blow dryer, either use the cool setting, or lowest heat possible and keep the dryer at a distance. The beautiful Jennifer Aniston, whose hair always looks great, never uses a blow dryer, opting to let it air dry every time.

Eggs and olive oil? – great for your hair!

A raw egg mixed with some olive oil and and worked into the hair is very effective on dandruff. You can also add 20 drops of Tea Tree Oil for extra tough cases.


Don’t tear your hair out

Use a wide-toothed comb when your hair is wet rather than a brush. It is a gentler process which will remove tangles without tearing your hair.

Schedule those trims

Get a trim every 6-8 weeks if possible. Even an inch or so just to get rid of splits ends will be very beneficial for your hair

Chlorine can be the enemy

If you live in a town or city and use chlorinated municipal water, the chlorine takes a toll on your hair. On special occasions where you want your hair to look extra fab, buy some bottled filtered/spring water and use that to wash and rinse with. It’s not nearly as convenient washing in the shower, but your hair will really shine that day.

Beer and hair. An old wives’ tale?

It is not an old wives’ tale!. Beer can actually make your hair shinier, softer, and thicker through it’s ingredients. Hops and Barley are rich in vitamins and proteins, and the alcohol cleans the hair. Here’s the process: Pour a bottle of beer into a cup and let sit for awhile (you want the beer to be flat). Shampoo and rinse with your regular products as usual, and then ring out your wet hair. Pour the cup of beer over your hair, massaging it down to the roots, and then rinse with warm water again. None other than actress Catherine Zeta-Jones swears by her beer conditioner, and her hair looks great, right?

Do you really need to change shampoos?

It’s a myth about changing to a different shampoo to somehow improve your hair. Hair does not “adapt” to a certain shampoo. You can use the same shampoo your whole life, and your will never know, or care. lol

Protect your hair color

If  you’re going to be spending a full day at the beach and in the sun a lot, a great way to protect your hair color is to use leave-in conditioner after you shampoo.

Clarify the problem

Vinegar is great for removing conditioner buildup haze on your hair. Simply massage about 1/2 cup of Apple cider vinegar into your hair and rinse. Works better than clarifying shampoo at 1/4 of the price

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Water is your hair’s best friend

Besides eating a regular healthy diet, drink lots of water. Our bodies are made up of mostly water and so is our hair. Keeping the body well hydrated will show in your healthy looking hair

Home made shampoo

If you’d like to make your own shampoo, use 1/4 c water, 1/4 c of Liquid Castile Soap, and 1/8 teaspoon of organic sunflower oil. Make bigger batches by keeping everything in proportion

Different hair types require different formulas

A raw egg is wonderful for hair, but Different hair types require different treatments. Egg yolks moisturize and egg whites remove oils.For normal hair use the entire egg (yolk and whites) for oily hair separate out just the egg whites, and for dry/brittle hair, separate out just the yolk. Apply 1/2 cup of whatever treatment you’re using (may require multiple eggs) to damp, clean hair, work into hair and scalp, and leave on for 20 minutes. Rinse with cool water, then shampoo. You only need to do these treatments every few weeks to keep hair looking great!

Don’t wash your hair every single day

Try not to wash your hair every day Your natural oils are good for your hair. You can go over to every other day, and eventually to every third day. While your hair may same “greasy” at first, Your hair will get used to This washing cycle and produce fewer oils between washings. Truth!

Great nutritional supplements for hair

To keep hair moisturized from the inside out, take 1-3 250mg capsules of Borage Oil or Evening Primrose Oil, these are high in Omega fatty acids and provide real internal nourishment for your hair

Avoid the curling iron

Looking for curls?- use rollers instead of a curling iron. You will great curls from root to tip, and avoid the heat damage which curling irons can cause

Easy peasy shiny hair

A neat trick to get shiny hair is to rinse with cool/cold water at the very end of the shower. What this does is smooths the hair and closes the hair cuticle which allows it reflect light rather than absorb it. Dazzling.

Good on sandwiches and hair

An almost free way to get soft and manageable hair, is to take a small dollop of real Mayonnaise and work it into your hair. Let it absorb for at least an hour, and then rinse it out. Mayonnaise if full of good oils for the hair and will nourish and hydrate your hair.

Watch out for the alcohol content

Read the ingredients in your hair products carefully. Too high an alcohol content can dry your hair and result in hair that is frizzy and static-y. If the product contains alcohol at all, make sure it is way down toward the bottom of the ingredient list.

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