Best Skin Care

Woman with beautiful smooth skin

Legs and coconuts

You can get smooth and supple legs by shaving with Coconut oil. Towards the end of a shower divert the direct spray away from you, wipe the excess water off your legs and apply a thin layer of coconut oil. (It tends to be thick so rinse the blade often). Do a full rinse when the shaving is finished. Leaves skin smooth and smelling great.

Feeding your skin

Diet is very important for overall skin health, and some wonderful foods you should make a regular part of your diet  are Walnuts, Cranberries, Red Grapes, and Red Bell Peppers. Put them in salads, or even eat them alone as a healthy snack. All of these really help keeping skin supple, youthful, and elastic. Eat whole grains as much as possible, and eliminate products containing high fructose corn syrup and white sugar.

Drink up!

We know this one is pounded into the ground, but the old adages about drinking 6-8 glasses of water per day and getting enough sleep are anatomical basics. We humans (and our skin), are  made mostly of water,  so developing this habit which helps in the renewal of skin cells is a must if you want beautiful skin. Rihanna says her recipe for looking great skin is “water and rest”

To scrub or not to scrub

While some dermatologists are against skin scrubs, feeling they tear up the skin and cause damage, others believe an occasional and gentle scrub is okay. Sea Salt makes a good skin scrub in the shower (you can also use Kosher salt), It can be used on different skin types. For oily skin, mix 2 tablespoons of semi-coarse sea salt with the juice of 1/2 lemon, and For dry skin, use 2 tablespoons of the salt with 1 tablespoon of Olive Oil. Gently is the operative word here. Effective and  low cost.

Eat your veggies to get glowing skin

Think vegetables in the diet when in pursuit of great looking skin. Foods like Carrots, Tomatoes, Arugula, and Spinach are all top nutrient contributors. Dump the fast food and soda and grab the veggies. You WILL see a difference in your skin’s glow. Celebrity Dermatologist NichoFFlas Perricone recommends plenty of leafy greens in meals every day

Finally conquering cellulite

Cellulite can occur in girls and women of all ages, and anyone can be susceptible to this aggravating condition. There is  a lot of  misinformation  circulating about the best course of treatment. Surgical options are very expensive, like the Resylane procedure, ($500.00 per treatment), or laser treatments (up to $5000.00!) The best cure, as usual, turns out to be a completely natural regimen. See our article and recommendation for the best tutorial on the market. In just 6 weeks, you’ll be saying  bye-bye-cellulite

Pinch test and true skin age

if you want to see the real age of your skin, take this “skin elasticity” test:  Place your hand palm down on a table. Pinch the skin on the back of your hand with your thumb and forefinger, and hold for 5 seconds. Release the skin and count  how long it takes  to flatten out again. Here is how long it  is supposed to take for your biological age;  1-2 seconds if you’re under age 30,  3-4 seconds if you’re between ages 30 and 44, 5-9 seconds if you’re between ages 45 and 50,  10-15 seconds if you’re between ages 50 and 60, after age 60 it can be anywhere from 35-55 seconds, and after age 70, 56 seconds and above are the norm. If you’re coming in under those numbers for your age, congratulations!. If not,you’d better step up you’re skin care routine with some of the tips we have given you.

In caring for your whole body, it is imperative to keep your weight under control for both aesthetic and health reasons. Here is some of our best advice regarding weight loss.

A spritzer for your skin

There are commercial as well as home made skin cleansers which are just a little too harsh on skin (being either too acidic or too alkaline to maintain a balanced PH)) Skin is naturally around a 5.5 PH, so  to help skin rebalance it’s PH now and then, mix 1 cup of water and a few drops each of Lavender Oil in a spray bottle and apply to skin

Long showers and their effect on skin

Surprisingly, long hot showers actually remove moisture from the skin. The key when taking showers is to take shorter showers, keep the water cooler, and apply a good moisturizer like Shea Butter after drying off

Catherine’s personal choice

Beautiful British actress Catherine Zeta Jones uses a “mixture of honey and salt” which she rubs all over her body to act as an ex-folliant and moisturizer combo. She says your skin looks and feels great after you rinse it off.

Maybe you should ditch the soap

If your skin is particularly dry, you’re better off just cleaning with a non-soap alternative like Cetaphil This cleansing bar formula will not dry out your skin like regular soap,and is a very gentle formulation for people with naturally dry skin. Some Derms say everyone should use it instead of soap, which is too drying.

Sun worship can come back to haunt you

Believe it or not ,the amount of  exposure to the sun before age 20 is the main factor in how your skin will look later in life, so if you don’t want sags, wrinkles, and age spots haunting you when you’re older. limit your time in the sun when you’re young. A “tan” is actually the body trying to protect itself from further skin damage, and the effects are permanent. Wide-brim hats, tightly knit clothing, and high SPF sunscreen are your best weapons against UV damage.We don’t have to warn you about tanning beds, do we? The tan you’re showing off today, will come at a high price later on.

Eat your oatmeal…..and bathe in it too!

While people think of Oatmeal as a breakfast food, it has natural moisturizing properties. Blend 1 cup of rolled oatsinto a powder via a mini food processor and then sprinkle it into your bath water for a great skin moisturizer.

Stress and your beautiful skin

Try to reduce your stress levels with yoga, meditation, and stress management. Stress makes the skin more sensitive to environmental assaults. It can aggravate skin conditions like acne, psoriasis, and eczema, so do your best to rid your life of excess stress, and your skin will thank you for it.

Keep the air moist in the winter

In winter time, when you’re in your house with warm, dry air all the time,consider buying a small humidifier to keep by your bed. This will keep proper moisture levels in the air, and help prevent dry skin.

Oil and oil – good for oily skin?

One skin expert has this advice for faces with oily skin: Use a mix of castor oil and almond oil (make it about 70% castor) apply to your face, and place a warm washcloth over your face so the oils can absorb better.  Reportedly very effective.

Skin brush kits are the celebrities secret weapon

Some celebrity dermatologists reveal that their clients use a skin cleansing brush in their skin care routine. Many feel they do a better job at removing makeup and dirt, and provide some light exfoliation in the process. You can purchase these brushes individually, but they are often packaged as part of a “system” and the kit contains it’s own cleaner/soap. In any event, they are not expensive, and the deeper cleaning benefits may be a good choice for some women.

Summer means fun- but not for your skin