Simple Beauty Tips

Beautiful girl                      The  Quest For Inexpensive Beauty

Keeping yourself looking good does not have to be a costly undertaking. The fact that most commercial beauty products (as well as most medications),  get their core ingredients from nature, pretty much says it all.

We will suggest low cost options when you’re in the market for beauty products. We’ll give you some techniques you can use to save a visit to the salon. We’re also here to empower women by encouraging healthy choices in psychological behaviors too.

There is absolutely no need to drain your bank account purchasing overpriced commercial items when a little ingenuity and research can achieve the same results at a fraction of the cost. A lot of your homemade beauty formula ingredients can be found right in your kitchen cupboard. Other items, like certain oils and lotions, can be picked up at your neighborhood drug or health food store inexpensively. They are natural, last a long time, and, best of all, are chemical free.

I remember one of my aunts was in her 70’s and had nary a wrinkle on her face. I asked her natural cosmeticshow she had done that, and she replied “petroleum jelly” She had religiously applied a light coating of Vaseline to her face daily for the past 30 years. No expensive creams or formulas for her.  Now since petrolatum is greasy, it would not be everyone’s first choice for a facial regimen , but the point is, she got her desired result with a very inexpensive solution.

The beauty industry is a multi-billion dollar marketing juggernaut that knows exactly how to appeal to women’s needs with psychological manipulation. Their commercials imply that  buying this product will make you look like THIS girl, and buying THAT product will have you surrounded by Chippendale dancers in no time. It’s just so much fantasy, but it works, and their products fly off the shelves.  Pick from our collection of beauty tips and tricks to get similar results for a song.

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