Tips for beautiful eyes

A woman with beautiful sexy blue eyesEye wrinkles and sleep positions

Sometimes bags under your eyes are the result of your sleeping position. If you sleep on your stomach, (and sometimes even on your side) fluid tends to pool under your eyes, so make a conscious effort to sleep on your back. This also helps reduce facial wrinkles as you get older. Sleeping on your side can etch wrinkles into your forehead, cheeks and chin . Not surprisingly, there are anti-aging and Anti-Wrinkle Pillows on the market to help you adjust to your ideal sleeping position.

Put the freeze on puffy eyes

If you suffer from puffiness under the eyes, put a large metal spoon in the freezer for a few minutes, and then press the cold spoon against the puffy areas. After a few minutes, the puffiness should be greatly reduced. BTW, watch your salt intake in your diet. Too much sodium can cause puffiness around the eyes.  Not to overstate the obvious, but also get a good night’s sleep when you can, as lack of sleep is another contributing factor with the puffies.

The dreaded curly eyebrows syndrome

Some women have naturally curly hair in their eyebrows, making them look a little wild  at times. A great trick to tame eyebrows is to use regular face cream on them. Just apply in the morning or before bed and night, and your eyebrows will remain straight and smoothed down

  Sexy eyes  –  devastating to men

Some girls can be a plain jane in every way, but have gorgeous, captivating eyes. No matter what your strengths and weaknesses are in physical beauty, it often comes down to mind games in how you handle it. Here is some good advice on Self-Esteem and Confidence

Old  trick for bigger looking eyelashes

If you want to make your eyelashes appear bigger, buy an inexpensive eyelash curler. Use it to curl your lashes before applying your mascara. Helps with the big eyed Kewpie doll look

Prevent crow’s feet with… what?

To help reduce the appearance of crow’s feet and circles under the eyes, try the classic cure, Preparation-H. This hemorrhoid cream contains an ingredient called Bio-Dine, which can tighten skin as well as moisturize. Beautiful actress Sandra Bullock says she has used it for years to prevent getting wrinkles under her eyes

Pamper that delicate skin under the eyes

The delicate skin under the eyes contains very few oil glands, and is the first area to show tiredness, wrinkles, and aging. You can make any number of effective under eye serum from all natural product recipes available on the web. One 5 ingredient  recipe calls for 2 teaspoons of Avocado Oil, 2 drops of Jobaba Oil, 2 drops of Lavender Oil, 2 drops of Carrot Seed Oil, and the contents of 2 opened Vitamin E capsules.  Mix well, and apply under the eyes before going to bed.

Brighten your eyes- with lip balm?

One actress suggests if you want to brighten the look of your eyes, (especially if you’re tired) put lip balm around your eyes, which reflects, and makes them sparkle!.

Old cure for problem eyes

No doubt you’ve heard about tea bags being good for the eyes, but did you know the science behind the tradition?. 2 components in tea, caffeine and tannin are the secret. The caffeine tightens the skin, and the tannin reduces inflammation.The lowdown:  Boil a  about a cup of water, place 2 tea bags in the water and let them steep for 5 minutes. Take them out (don’t wring out yet)and refrigerate them until they are cool to the touch., then Wring out slightly, and place over your eyes for 30 minutes as you lie quietly. Very effective as it really does banish dark circles and puffiness, and the treatments’ total cost to you is about a nickel. Love it!

Jelly on the lashes

If you want to draw attention to your eyes without using a ton of makeup, put a little petroleum jelly on the lashes. Just a tiny bit is all you need. This is a trick Jennifer Aniston has done for years. The petroleum jelly acts as a an eyelash conditioner

Don’t overdo the shadow

If you have small eyes, be careful  not to  use too much shadow or liner – which can make you eyes look even smaller. Use a light color on your eyelids,  a darker color in the crease and then apply a highlighter under the brow.

The potatoes and dark circles connection

Another model’s personal trick to reduce dark circles under the eyes  is the old cure of taking refrigerated potatoes, cutting them into large slices, soaking them in water for a minute, and then placing them  over your lids for at least 10 minutes. An enzyme in the potato actually lightens your skin!