How to get pretty hands

A woman's beautiful manicured hands

Hydrate those hands

It’s a good idea (especially if you live in colder climates) to moisturize your hands several times a day and then again before bed. Use a combination of Hand Cream and Cuticle Oil. Nothing gives away your age faster than the look of your hands, and keeping them hydrated can have lifetime benefits going well into your senior years. An added benefit is that cuticle oil also penetrates right through nail polish on manicured hands, strengthening the nail bed below.

Gloves and sunscreen will save your hands

Environment plays a big role in hand beauty.Too much UV exposure from the sun can cause wrinkles, brown spots, and sometimes, skin cancer. For younger looking hands down the line, wear gloves during activities like gardening and golfing. It’s actually a good idea to put sunscreen on your hands everyday, even when staying indoors. 60% of UV rays still make it through house and car windows. Also, when doing dishes and exposing your hands to water for long periods of time, dermatologists suggest wearing rubber gloves that go up to your elbows.

Supplement for hydrating hands

Older women can keep their hands better moisturized by using products which contain Hyaluronic Acid Serum.  This is produced by the body naturally,  but the production diminishes as you get older. It keeps hands well hydrated

Nutrition for nail strength

To strengthen your nails and encourage growth, eat eggs, not gelatin. Contrary to popular belief, gelatin is not an efficient nail strengthener. It only provides incomplete protein, which your body can’t use.  Instead, eat eggs which provide complete protein and sulfur, both of which speed nail growth. Also, carrot juice is great for nails- it provides calcium and phosphorous which strengthen nails, so get your juicer out and give your nails a nutritional boost today

Something to think about

If you’re pregnant, some health experts believe women should use non-toxic nail polish and remover during the pregnancy. Your common, over the counter products can contain a lot of nasty chemicals like Acetone, Formaldehyde, Toluene, etc., and using the safe products during this critical time might be a wise decision. The chemical-free products tend to be pricey, but it’s definitely something to think about. Many women have even  made a permanent switch just to be on the safe side.

Homemade hand cream from the cupboard

To make a cheap and very effective homemade hand cream, mix a little  cornmeal ( wonderful for gentle skin exfoliation), honey, and unsalted butter (great for  hands!), in a bowl, and then rub thoroughly into skin. Leaves hands clean and ultra soft

Strengthen nails from the inside too

Healthy and strong nails have a lot to do with diet. For healthy nails, eat foods that contain B vitamins, ( a deficiency makes nails brittle) Iron,(a deficiency shows up as ridges) and Zinc (a deficiency shows up as white marks ). Here is a good article on foods to eat for healthy nails  If you feel you need extra vitamins to help with your quest, you might want to consider using vitamin supplements for nails,(which is also very beneficial for skin and hair) the positive results may take a few weeks to achieve, but generally receive very good reviews on Amazon from the women who use these supplements

Let your nails breathe

Nails need to “breathe” too, and they can’t do this very well when they are always covered with nail polish. The general consensus is to leave nails alone one week out of every month for better nail health.

Self-massage to keep hands supple

Massaging your own hands feels good, reduces stress, promotes circulation, and keeps the muscles in your hand strong and supple (it can also help stave off things like Carpal Tunnel Syndrome). Best of it, it doesn’t cost you one cent. Here is an interesting article from Prevention Magazine on how to perform a self-massage

Extend the life of your nail polish with this trick

One trick in helping you get more life out of your nail polish is simply to soak your fingertips in 1/2 cup of warm water mixed with 2 tablespoons of vinegar for a minute or two before applying polish. Dry hands and apply polish which will now last longer because of the vinegar

Your hands are visible in all seasons, but not your feet.  Summer is the time that they’ll be in the spotlight, so check out our How to get Pretty Feet tips and tricks, and be proud to show them when the warm weather is comes around.

Hand sanitizers? Use in moderation only

Don’t overdo the use of hand sanitizers. While they do kill germs, some people use them on a regular basis, and these products, being mostly ethyl alcohol, are extremely drying to the hands. They are good on occasion, but use with caution.

Bleaching cream for dark spots

If you’ve developed dark brown blotches on your hands (UV damage, of course), you can try bleaching them out with an over the counter formula Bleaching Cream