How to get pretty feet

A woman's pretty pedicured feet

Say goodbye to dry feet

If you suffer from dry feet,  a 3 part treatment is called for.  Part one is a warm foot bath, containing equal parts Epsom Salts, Lemon, and Baking Soda. Soak your feet for 15-20 minutes, then, take a Pumice Stone and smooth down all the rough skin (especially heels and toes). Be gentle during this process, let the pumice do the work. Being too aggressive can tear skin. Doing this allows the feet to breathe and absorb the ingredients of the third part of the treatment next which is  drying the feet and then applying either one of our homemade recipes or opting for a good quality commercial foot cream. This treatment will make a world of difference

Care of the toenails

Cut your toenails once a week, (soak your feet first), and keep in mind the classic advice about cutting your toenails straight across ( and not down into the corners) to prevent ingrown toenails, and file with an emery board (not a metal file). While you’re at it, use a blunt wooden stick to push back the cuticle. BTW, never cut the cuticles on either your feet or hands. This is the natural skin barrier against bacteria.

Tea soak for foot odor

If you’re prone to foot odor, soaking your feet in warm black tea now and then will help. Boil up some tea using a few standard tea bags, let cool a bit and pour The tannic acid in the tea is a natural antiseptic and can also help with problems like athlete’s feet

Jelly on the feet

Petroleum jelly is a wonderful skin revitalizer, so for scaly, rough feet, Slather the jelly all over your feet before going to bed at night and then cover them with thick socks, by morning you’ll be well on your way to getting rid of those those crocodile feet!

Salicylic acid does the trick

If you  have dry feet, cracked heels, corns, calluses or plantar warts chronically, you may need to go with a stronger regimen. Your best bet is salicylic acid, a medication in the aspirin family, which increases moisture in the skin, helping to loosen the area where skin cells are clumping together.  2-4% strength should do the trick. Used in conjunction with foot soaks and a pumice stone, you can make great progress in a return to healthy feet. There are a lot more tips about healthy skin

Roll-on for feet?

Many people who suffer with sweaty feet unaware that there is a Roll-On Antiperspirant for Feet. Just like the underarm variety, these roll-ons control perspiration and deodorize.